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2021-2022 Tripleshot Cycling Board of Directors

President: Chelsea Henderson
Vice President: Andrew Neale
Secretary: Rolf Warburton
Treasurer: Rob Berry
Director: Ann Campbell
Director: Kevin Chen
Director: Joji Ishikawa
Director: Justine Johnson
Director: Geoff Pye
Director: Heather Ranson

Director / Volunteer Responsibilities
(in addition to those set out in our Club bylaws)

Coaching and Youth Programs: Lister Farrar; Joanna Fox; Kevin Chen
Code of Conduct & Member Relationships: Andrew Neale; Ann Campbell
COVID-19 Management: Ann Campbell; Chelsea Henderson
Gravel / Trail Ride Planning: Rolf Warburton; Ronald Schouten
Kit Design: Justine Johnson; Carey Newman
Kit Orders: Justine Johnson
Media Archive: Rolf Warburton
Membership & Spond Registration: Rolf Warburton; Chelsea Henderson
Safety & Skills Development: Heather Ranson; Andrew Neale
Social Media: Rolf Warburton; Chelsea Henderson; Geoff Pye; Kevin Chen
Sponsorship: Geoff Pye
Website: Ann Campbell; Roland Rabien

Spond Group Managers

Craig Bosenberg
Ann Campbell
Scott Davis
Joanna Fox
Chelsea Henderson
Claire Morgan
Andrew Neale
Geoff Pye
Ronald Schouten
Eryn Sylvester
Rolf Warburton