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One of the most important aspects of Tripleshot is that post ride coffee is almost mandatory.  This gives us a chance to get to know each other better and to sort out club/ride issues in an informal setting.  Please make time to join us after the ride, have a coffee, and get to know your fellow Tripleshot members.  For this reason, most weekday rides end at 7:30am so that riders have time to get together for coffee.

Group Riding Tips

We're so glad you're joining us for rides; but be sure to keep yourself and other riders safe on the roads and trails, so you can also join us for post-ride coffee!


Tuesday Sprints

This is a popular Tripleshot ride and once you have confidence in your basic road bike body position, how to shift, descend, corner and draft it’s time to increase the speed!  Learning how to sprint on a road bike will help you catch up to the group, become a more confident bike handler, and develop your winning sprint! 


Start Time: 6:00 am

Pace: A, B, and C

Distance: 29km-41km


Oak Bay High School

* The C ride is the same route as the A and B groups, except continue through the Uplands to UVIC for five laps of the Ring Road before back along the waterfront.  Finish with no drop pace line down Dallas from King George Terrace then all out for one lap of Circle Drive. 

Tuesday Sprints.png

Tuesday Women's Evening Ride

This is a great group to practice the skills that you learn in the women’s clinic but is also open to women that have not participated in the clinic.


A different route each week, including the Galloping Goose / Lochside Regional Trails, hills, and residential areas.

Pace: C

Distance: 30km-35km

Galloping Goose Switch Bridge Water Fountain

*   This ride only happens during the Spring, Summer, and early Fall months (if the weather is good) 

Wednesday Hills

There is not generally a group rollout for this ride.  Riders do the hills at their own pace.  

The standard workout is 4 repeats of Cadboro Bay Rd hill, 3 repeats of Sinclair Rd hill, and 2 repeats of Mt. Tolmie, riding down the backside of Tolmie and around the bottom (Richmond, Cedar Hill X) in a loop.  Riders often regroup at the top of Sinclair Road before riding over to Mt. Tolmie.

Start Time: 6:05 am

Pace: own

Distance: 17km

Cadboro Bay and Sinclair Road Intersection

Wednesday Hills.png
Screenshot 2024-05-06 130355.png

Wednesday Munn Road

"Hills pay the bills!" Ride Munn Rd, Ross-Durrance Rd, Willis Point Rd and Prospect Lake Rd with your friends!  Riders form pace groups at the meet-up and may alter the route upon discussion to add or delete hills. 

Coffee by consensus, but this ride may not always feature a post-ride coffee.

Pace: A, B, and C

Distance: ~45km

Galloping Goose Switch Bridge Water Fountain

*   This ride only happens during the late spring and early fall (weather permitting) 

Thursday Team Time Trials

Team time trials take place at Beacon Hill Park for the foreseeable future, while construction is underway at UVic. Two route options: Laps of Circle Drive or an out-and-back along Dallas Rd.

Start Time: 6:00 am

Pace: A, B, and C

Distance: 35km

Beacon Hill Children's Zoo

* Team Time Trials are not recommended for new members who have not first ridden a C or B3 road ride. 

Thursday Women's Morning Ride.png

Thursday Morning Women's Ride

The route begins at Oak Bay High and follows the waterfront along Beach Drive, Arbutus, Ferndale, and Torquay roads before doubling back on the same route, finishing at Cook Street Village. It’s friendly and happy, and we often throw in a rotating paceline to practice this essential group-riding skill.

Riders of many abilities are welcome! 

Start Time: 6:00 am

Pace: C

Distance: 31km

Oak Bay High School

Friday Waterfront

This is your best "intro-to-Tripleshot" ride. Come on out, introduce yourself, and enjoy a beautiful ride along some of Victoria's most iconic waterfront roads.*

Pace: A, B, and C

Distance: 32km-42km

Start Time: 6:00 am

Oak Bay High School

* NOTE: All routes are altered as of May 2024 to avoid road work in the Uplands. See details on the Spond app

Friday Waterfront.png

Saturday Explorations

Adventurous, variable routes that change every week!


Hilly routes with 900m-1500m of climbing. Intended as a no-drop ride, but riders should be comfortable in a B1 group. There are no attacks, and we tend to keep the group together and wait on hill tops.


Come join the adventure and get a great workout, too!

Start Time: 8:00 am

Pace: B1-ish

Distance: ~100km


Starbucks Coffee at Cook Street

Saturday Mountain Biking

For all riding abilities! Casual, friendly, non-competitive, and no-drop rides.

Start Time: 10:00 am

Pace: own

Distance: varies


Location varies. See Spond for details each week.

TS MTB.jpg

Saturday Sufferfest

This ride goes at as fast a pace as the group can manage. It is technically a drop ride, though it has been known to wait up for people, especially at the top of Panorama hill.

The route varies; but typically, it is waterfront to Mattick’s Farm. Then up the east side of the Saanich Peninsula to Land’s End Road and around to the west side and back down via West Saanich Road, Interurban Road and the Galloping Goose. 


Sometimes the group will ride to Metchosin or the Highlands for a change of pace.

Start Time: 6:05 am

Pace: A

Distance: 100km


Starbucks Coffee at Cook Street

Sunday Social

Sunday rides are social rides and Tripleshot’s strength lies in our ‘socialness’. Sunday is our chance to mix, catch up with our other friends in the club, and offer to ride with people we don’t usually meet during the week.  So please consider breaking out of your usual weekday riding group(s) and mingling with the masses on your Sunday ride. If you’re a fast rider, use it as a chance to practice your bridging and lead-outs as you help slower riders hang in on the sprints. 

Start Time: 7:30 am

Pace: all

Distance: ~70km


Gonzales Coffee at Fairfield Plaza

Sunday Social.png

CX + Gravel

Cyclocross/gravel rides explore different routes around Greater Victoria almost every day! Details of daily rides are on Spond.

Click below for recommended routes around the Victoria region.

Also check the map showing no-bikes trails if you're planning a route.

Pace: CX_1/2/3

Distance: 20km-40km​​


Oak Bay High School

Galloping Goose Switch Bridge Water Fountain

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