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Become a Member

2023 Tripleshot membership is now available!


Club membership is $30 (Jan-Dec) + Cycling BC insurance*


Registering for a Test Ride lets you try us up to three times without buying a Tripleshot membership — but you still need to sign up!

If you are new to group riding the best place to start is in our Friday C ride! We also have a new riders tips page which is a great starter point.


If you are joining the Tripleshot Youth Team, there is an additional monthly fee for coaching, which is offered 4-6 days a week year-round.

*   For insurance purposes, you have to purchase a minimum of a Cycling BC “Cycling for All” license when you become a Tripleshot

    member.  The process of purchasing a Tripleshot membership and a Cycling BC license is integrated, so you can purchase your 

    membership and license at the same time, on the same website.

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