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Group Riding Tips

Riding in a group safely and efficiently is one of the key skills of cycling.  However, the first few times you ride in a group it can be a confusing experience.  We’ve got all the essential information and techniques you need in order to stay safe, ride with confidence and have an enjoyable time.


Ride 'Levels' Explained

You may have heard a cyclist boast about being an 'A' rider.  Is that good?  Deciding which ride level best suites your abilities is crucial to enjoying your ride!


Tips for New Riders

Group rides can be intimidating for new riders.  Use these tips to increase your skill level, ride safely with others, improve your fitness, and enjoy riding with a group.


Group Riding Skills / Etiquette

If you're new to group riding or want to make the new folks feel more welcome, it's important to remember good group ride etiquette.


Group Riding in Winter

Riding in the winter requires attention to detail.  Since many riders look to share the misery of long wet miles, group ride etiquette and skills become critical.

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