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General Info

Tripleshot rides are early morning rides! Timing and meet-ups vary slightly from day to day, so read the details on the Rides page. The general information below will get you started.

Road Rides

If you’re considering coming out to give our club a try, make sure you can maintain a solo riding speed (not drafting) of 24 km/h over an hour on a moderately hilly course, like the Victoria waterfront. This will ensure that you can maintain the pace of a C ride. You can work up from there. Prior group riding experience is not required, but we recommend starting with the C group to learn basic group riding etiquette and technique. Identify yourself as a new rider at the start of the ride and to all members of the group you ride with. There will usually be several people happy to give you tips and answer questions.


There are A, B, and C level rides throughout the week. 


The A ride is a no-holds-barred, go-as-fast-as-you-can sufferfest. If you get dropped from this ride, no one is going to slow down and wait for you. However, if someone gets a flat/mechanical, the ride usually stops until the problem is solved. There is sometimes an A1 and A2 ride. The A1 ride tends to be more race-like with breakaways and tactics; the A2 ride tends to be smoother and the group works together, but it's still fast.


The B ride is not as fast as the A ride, but requires good group riding skills and a reasonable level of fitness. This ride will regroup after climbs and sprints so the group can stay together.


The C ride is the place for anyone looking for a more relaxed pace, and is the place for anyone new to cycling or new to group riding. This ride goes at the pace of the slowest rider and ensures that the group stays together. That said, you should be able to maintain an average speed of 24 km/h riding solo for an hour on a moderately hilly route before joining the C group. Otherwise, you risk holding them up excessively.


Gravel/Trail Rides

Our trail rides are also divided by pace, with CX_1 being the slowest and CX_4 the fastest. All trail rides are no-drop, but riders are expected to choose the most suitable group for their abilities.

More information is available on the Rides page.

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