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Tripleshot Rides have resumed again under the rules set out in our
COVID Safety Plan

If you would like to join our rides, please send an email to tripleshotcyclingclub (at) gmail (dot) com, so that we can explain how we ride during Covid. Please don’t just show up!

Rides start at times and locations specific to each ride group. Weekday and Saturday morning ride groups depart around 6 am. The Tuesday Women’s ride departs at 6:00 pm. Sunday ride groups depart around 7:30 am.

Welcome to Tripleshot.  We’re an inclusive cycling club with members aged 10-80. Some ride casually and some race at the local, national, or even international level. We run a world class youth program that has produced national champions at the Junior and Elite levels of men’s and women’s cycling in road and track disciplines.  But most of us just ride to start the day with a Victoria sunrise, the wind in our ears, a good workout, and a coffee with friends.

If you’re a new rider considering coming out to give us a try, make sure you can maintain a solo riding speed (i.e., not drafting) of 24km/h over an hour on a moderately hilly course (like the Victoria waterfront).  This will ensure that you can maintain the pace of a C ride.  You can work up from there.  Prior group riding experience is not required, but even faster riders should start with the C group to learn basic group-riding etiquette and technique.  Identify yourself as a new rider at the start of the ride and to all members of the group you ride with.  There will usually be several people happy to give you tips and answer questions.

One of the most important aspects of Tripleshot Cycling Club is that post ride coffee is almost mandatory. This gives us a chance to get to know each other better and to sort out club/ride issues in an informal setting.  Please make time to join us after the ride, have a coffee and get to know your fellow Tripleshot members. For this reason all weekday rides end at 7:15 so that people have time to get together for coffee.

There are A, B and C level rides each weekday.  Saturday and Sunday rides tend to go as a single group, with Saturday being a fast drop ride and Sunday being no-drop and social.

The A ride is a no-holds-barred, go-as-fast-as-you-can general sufferfest. If you get dropped from this ride no one is going to slow down and wait for you. However, if someone gets a flat, the ride usually stops until the problem is solved.  There is sometimes an A1 and A2 ride.  The A1 ride tends to be more race-like with breakaways and tactics; the A2 ride tends to be smoother but still fast.

The B ride is not as fast as the A ride, but you need to have good group riding skills and a reasonable level of fitness on this ride. This ride will regroup after hills or a sprint so that the group can stay together.

Depending on the numbers, it is not uncommon for there to be two and sometimes three B rides so that the groups remain a manageable number. We ask that you self seed within these groups with the stronger riders in the first group, those less strong in the second and so on.

The C ride is the place for anyone looking for a more relaxed pace on the day, as well as the place for those new to cycling or new to group riding. This ride goes at the pace of the slowest rider and ensures that the group stays together.  That said, you should be able to maintain an average speed of 24km/h riding solo for an hour on a moderately hilly route before joining the C group.  Otherwise you risk holding them up excessively.

There is one ride where all groups can mix it up. The Team Time Trial ride on Thursday morning is an increasingly popular ride for all levels…… and you don’t have to know how to turn right! Groups of 4 riders of similar abilities leave at roughly 30 second intervals, doing 3 sets of 5 laps of the UVic Ring Road, with a gather-up of all groups between each set.

There are two rides offered for women, Tripleshot’s ONLY evening ride on Tuesday evening (April to September) and Thursday at the regular 6 a.m. time. These rides are offered to all women riders and are specifically designed to continue the skills developed during the Women’s Clinic.

Finally, we offer year-round gravel rides up to four days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday). CX_1 is for those new to riding off-road and often includes skills training. CX_2 to CX_4 feature progressively increasing speed and technical terrain. Gravel rides feature unique routes chosen for every ride by various volunteer leaders.

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  2. Hi
    I’m new to gravel riding and vancouver island.
    I’m retired 60+ reasonably fit.
    20-30k rides around Thetis and Beaver lakes
    are my thing at the moment. Hoping to find new
    trails and people to ride with.

    • Hi Peter,

      Welcome to Vancouver Island! Can you please email us at:
      tripleshotcyclingclub at
      for information on how to ride with us?



  3. Hi,
    I am in Victoria for the summer and I’m looking for group rides. I have been riding with groups for the last 20 years in the Bay Area, CA. I have been off the bike for 2 weeks, no exercise, so I will need to get my form back. I’m interested in the test rides to compare and contrast my abilities with the various groups. I’m retired so I can ride anytime but prefer midmorning. Also even though I can ride in the rain I believe I did enough of that when I was training and racing so I don’t currently have the gear. It looks like the Sunday B ride might be a good starting place. I completed a 321K ride in 10 hours once so I can do well when on form. Hopefully the rain will stop and I can build up to Victoria’s Saturday hammer fest which sounds very similar the the Bay Area’s House of Pain.

    Bruce Carroll

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