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Thursday Team Time Trial

An increasingly popular ride for all levels and great for anybody willing to suffer starting at 6:00am, and you don’t have to know how to turn right!  Groups of 6 riders of similar abilities leave at roughly 30 second intervals.  The idea is to ride quickly but smoothly and arrive with your group together at the finish line at the top of the hill near the stop sign – yes, there is a hill on the UVic Ring Road.  Generally speaking, you want the strongest riders in your group to do the longest pulls and the weakest riders to do the shortest pulls.

Riders complete three sets of 5 laps with a recovery lap after each set. Each paceline hugs the left-hand curb with front riders peeling away to the right, passing groups do so on the right while staying in the left lane.  The ride is great for learning/polishing communication and group riding skills.  If it is your first time out, just ask for assistance and a group will be found for you.  We sometimes juggle the groups after the first set to fit in late-comers or find more appropriate groups for faster/slower riders.  

Safety Tips

Groups should have a maximum of 6 riders.  If you arrive late, do not jump in with a group of 6 or more riders; wait to join a smaller group.

All riders at all times must keep their eyes looking up the road for hazards including pedestrians about to cross.  Pedestrians have right-of-way at crosswalks.  Clearly call out any hazards or potential hazards and be prepared to stop smoothly but quickly.

Call 'Stick!' (as in 'stick to your line!') loudly if your group is about to pass another and make sure that your whole group stays wide until your last rider has passed the other group.  If your group is being passed, your front rider should not suddenly attempt to drop back, as this would create a hazard for the passing group.  If you hear 'Stick!' from behind, pass it up the line to notify the rest of your group that you are being passed.

Only pass a group if you are confident that your group can safely pass that group and open up a gap.  If your group is passed by another, do not attempt to chase and (re)pass that group.

Do not attempt to pass on the approach to the stop sign, as the road narrows there.

We are particularly careful at the drive way to the library parking lot where service vehicles sometimes slow down and turn in and also by the David Turpin building where a sign impedes sightlines.

Verbal communication is key.  Always tell your group what you intend to do before doing it.  This is particularly important before touching your brakes.

Team Time Trial

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