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Thursday Team Time Trial

Meet on UVic's Ring Road just east of the Henderson Rd entrance at 6 a.m. Form groups of 4-6 riders of roughly equal ability. 

The group formation and ride format ares unique among our ride offerings, and riders who haven't done a team time trial before should make sure to speak with other riders at the start to understand how the ride works.

*This ride is not recommended for new riders who do not have experience riding in tight quarters at high speeds.*

"Teams" complete three sets of 5 laps, with one recovery lap between sets. Groups passing other groups need to pass on the RIGHT and to call out "Passing!" so groups know they are approaching. 

Safety Tips

All riders at all times must watch the road for hazards, including pedestrians, deer, cars and other cyclists. Pedestrians have right-of-way at all 18 of the crosswalks (yes, 18). Clearly call out any hazards to your ridemates and be prepared to stop smoothly but quickly.

Only pass a group if you are confident that your group can safely pass and open up a gap. If your group is passed by another, do not attempt to chase and (re)pass. It gets too disorganized and dangerous!

Do not attempt to pass on the approach to the stop sign where the road narrows.

Verbal communication is key.  Always tell your group what you intend to do before doing it.  This is particularly important before touching your brakes.

Team Time Trial

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