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Sunday Social

Average Speed: 28-30 km/h.

The Sunday Social is a mostly relaxed ride with a handful of optional sprints and hills. It's an all-comers ride where the speedy riders mingle with the slower ones. It's a great opportunity to meet new people and catch up with clubmates! 


The group always regroups after sprints. and climbs The ride starts at Gonzales Coffee at Fairfield Plaza and follows the waterfront route from Fairfield and Dallas Rd all the way to Mt Doug Parkway.


From here, either ride the Lochside Trail or Cordova Bay Road north to Mattick’s Farm (group can decide on the day). On the Cordova Bay route, there's usually a sprint that ends at Mattick’s Farm. Regroup here and wait for the inevitable bathroom breaks.


The ride continues north up Cordova Bay Rd to Hunt Rd, Welch Rd, Martindale and Lochside Drive to Island View Road. Right on Island View all the way to the beach, and return to the top of the hill on the second climb on return from the beach.


Head down Island View Rd, cross the highway, go right on East Saanich Road, left on Mt. Newton Cross Road and left on Wallace Drive to head for town via West Saanich and Interurban roads. 


A ride up to the observatory on the way home is common, but is decided on the day by the group. Please follow the rules of the road and posted signs when riding up and down Observatory Hill. Finish the ride with coffee at Café Fantastico on Harbour Rd or Good Earth behind the legislature.

Safety Tips

We use a 'speed dating' format on the Sunday ride. Ride in a compact 2-up group. The front two riders ride side-by-side for 1-2 minutes. Then the left-side lead rider pulls up and moves in front of the right-side lead rider, matching the pace of the group (don't speed up). Riders in the left row move up to fill the gaps. Repeat every couple of minutes. If you can picture a slow-moving rotating paceline, you'll know what we mean. 

New riders should always make sure the rider next to them points out all turns. Identify any new riders in your group and keep them informed of upcoming turns and hazards.

Single-up at the following pinch-points:

  • Through Mount Doug Parkway

  • On Wallace Drive between Benvenuto Dr and West Saanich Rd

The ride ends with a few km along the Galloping Goose Trail. Be courteous to other trail users - it can be very busy on Sundays!

Sunday Social

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