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Do You Love Tripleshot Cycling? Board of Directors Election 2023-24 — Call for Nominations

Updated: Sep 11

The AGM is when the club elects directors for the coming year. Our board currently includes six members-at-large and four officers: president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.

Several directors have decided not to return in 2023-24. We will always be grateful for their incredible contributions to the Club over many years of service: Chelsea Henderson, Joji Ishikawa, Geoff Pye, and Rolf Warburton.

The following directors have agreed to be nominated in the following roles for 2023-24:

  • President……………….. Erin Jalilian

  • Vice President………..... Ron Mierau

  • Secretary……………….. Gaurav Sharma

  • Treasurer……………….. Robert Berry

  • Director…………………. Kevin Chen

  • Director…………………. Andrew Neale

Tripleshot is looking for the following characteristics in individual directors. These are sought in every candidate:

  • demonstrated commitment to the club and to upholding our culture and values;

  • leadership qualities and experience; and

  • an ability to work effectively in a team, including emotional intelligence, respectful engagement, and open-mindedness.

The following skills reflect board needs, but we don't expect them in every candidate:

  • experience and expertise designing and/or supporting online club management systems (e.g. CCN, Spond, Slack and possible future replacements);

  • written and verbal communication skills, including social media experience; and

  • event-planning skills.

Characteristics we seek from the board as a whole:

  • diversity in personal characteristics that reflect our membership and society at large, including: gender, race/ethnic heritage, age, sexual orientation, education, mental/physical ability, family status, economic status; and

  • diversity in cycling-related interests or activities that reflect our membership, including: A, B, and C riders; road; gravel; cyclocross; MTB; track; time trial (individual and team); Youth Team; women’s rides; virtual rides; racing; recreational etc.

Time demands on directors have eased off this past year after several years of transition and exceptional demands. In addition to one two-hour board meeting every month (online or in-person), we use an online platform to discuss as a group nearly every issue that arises. To support our ongoing practice of consensus decision making, we expect directors to ordinarily be available and to have the requisite technical skills to participate in online discussions at least every few days. Total time contributions vary widely from director to director depending on individual responsibilities and range from 3 to 15 hours per month.

Nominations for directors can be sent to Please ensure anyone you nominate has agreed to be nominated. If only one candidate is nominated for each officer role, or if no more than six candidates are nominated for members-at-large, then all directors will assume their role at the AGM by acclamation. To allow time to arrange for possible campaigning and elections for contested positions, the board will only accept nominations for directors until the end of day, Wednesday, September 27, 2023. All nominations will be announced at the AGM and any required election will take place at the meeting by show of hands, either in-person or online. Our bylaws do not currently permit proxy voting.

There is plenty of time to explore the opportunity and feel things out. Talk to us! Please reach out to any director, on a ride, at coffee, or online — or shoot us a message on the club email:

— Board of Directors —

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