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Friday Waterfront

This is probably your best 'Intro-to-Tripleshot' ride.

There are A, B, and C ride options.

A-Group Average Speed: 36-42 km/h.

Route: Shelbourne Road, Blenkinsop Road, around Mt. Doug, up Ash Road, back along the waterfront.  Usually, a strong pace line to Beacon Hill Park then all out for five laps of Cricle Drive.

B-Group Average Speed: 29-35 km/h.

Route: Same as the A group.  Two up pace line back to Beacon Hill Park, finishing with four laps of Circle Drive.

C-Group Average Speed: 26-28 km/h.

Route: Same as the A and B groups, except continue straight on Shelbourne Road, turn right on Ash Road, back along the waterfront.  Finish with no drop pace line down Dallas from King George Terrace then all out for two laps of Circle Drive.  We always ride to the pace of the slowest rider, making this a great ride for an introduction to group riding.


Safety Tips

New riders should always make sure the rider next to them points out all turns.  Identify any new riders in your group and keep them informed of upcoming turns and hazards.

At Beacon Hill Park be aware of groups approaching you from behind.  Keep left (into the bike lane) to allow other groups to pass and inform members of your group if another group is approaching.  If your group is approaching another, be sure to clearly call 'Stick!', 'Passing!' or 'Riders Back!'  Single up to pass if necessary.  Single up to allow passing if necessary.

If you stop to chat after the ride, be aware of other groups still on the road as you point your bike towards coffee.

Friday Waterfront

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