Sunday: Peninsula

Tripleshot Rides have resumed again under the rules set out in our
COVID Safety Plan

If you would like to join our rides, please send an email to tripleshotcyclingclub (at) gmail (dot) com, so that we can explain how we ride during Covid. Please don’t just show up!

Rides start at times and locations specific to each ride group. Weekday and Saturday morning ride groups depart around 6 am. The Tuesday Women’s ride departs at 6:00 pm. Sunday ride groups depart around 7:30 am.


7:00 am for pre-ride coffee @ Cook Street Village Starbucks (at Cook and Pendergast).

Roll out is 7:35 am sharp.

End: 10:15 am Café Fantastico, Dockside Green.

Average Speed: 28-30 km/h.

Traditionally known as Social Sunday, this ride is a more relaxed pace, but with intermittent sprint zones. The route goes from Cook Street to Dallas Road (left) to Memorial (left) and right on Fairfield Road to Beach Drive, along the waterfront, down Ash Road, right on Cordova Bay Road to Mattick’s Farm.

From Cordova Bay Road to Mattick’s Farm it’s a sprint and a chance for you to work your butt off. Regroup at Mattick’s.

The ride continues behind the golf course onto Hunt Road, Welch Road, Martindale Road, and Lochside Drive to Island View. Out to Island View Beach and back up the hill. Regroup at the top of the hill.

From there down Island View to East Saanich, Mt. Newton and back in along Wallace, West Saanich, Interurban. A ride up to the observatory is very common, but please follow the rules of the road and posted signs when riding up and down Observatory Hill. Finish with coffee at Café Fantastico, Dockside Green.

Sunday Alternative: Long, slow distance . See forum (Ride Planning) for details.

Safety Tips:

*We often use a “speed dating” format to keep the Sunday group compact and minimize conflict with drivers.  Rather than riding 2-up and going 4 wide when riders drop back, we rotate, but slowly.  Lead two riders ride together for 30-60 seconds.  Then left-side lead rider pulls in front of of the right-side lead rider and the left side moves forward by 2 riders.  Rinse and repeat.  This puts each rider “in the wind” at the front for 60-120 seconds.  Keep time on the front short if you’re tired or struggling with the pace.

*New riders should always make sure the rider next to them points out all turns. Identify any new riders in your group, and keep them informed of upcoming turns and hazards.

*Approach intersection of Beach and King George Terrace with caution, as approaching traffic has no stop and the corner is blind.

*Single up through Mount Doug Park and remain entirely within the bike lane.

*Single up on Wallace between Stelly’s Cross and West Saanich roads.  Shoulder narrows suddenly in places, so be aware and point out hazards.

*Single up on West Saanich as we approach Red Barn. Stay in the bike lane.

*Watch for cars approaching from behind during sprints.  Call “Neutral!” if an approaching car is likely to endanger sprinters.  Only pass when safe.  Do not take unnecessary risks for the sake of gaining advantage in a sprint.

*At Wallace after Benvenuto, break into groups of around 6.  Send faster riders first, and slower riders last, with a few car lengths in between each sub-group.  This allows for cars to pass us more safely on a tricky and narrow section of road where several crashes have occurred.  Once the groups reach West Saanich Road, groups in front should slow to allow groups behind to catch them. If riders are planning to ride Observatory, then grouping at the base of Observatory is another option.

*The end of this ride goes down the Galloping Goose.  Break into small groups (no more than 4) and *slow way down* on the Goose, as it is popular with walkers, dogs, and kids on a Sunday morning.  Be an ambassador for the club and for cycling generally.

Start Location:
Route: Waterfront to Island View to Wallace/West Saanich/Interurban.