Observatory Hill Now Closed to All Traffic

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Observatory Hill Now Closed to All Traffic

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Hi Rolf,

Would you kindly get this message out to your members asap? The road has given way even more, and the NRC is now very concerned about the hazard. We've had to close FDAO operations on the hill for the remainder of the year as they fix this 108 year old road.

Many thanks,
Don Moffatt, FDAO Board member

"With considerable regret, we have had to restrict access to the hill likely until the end of the year because we now feel the one-lane situation on the access road is too unsafe for public traffic. On behalf of the NRC, I'd like to apologize for the swiftness and severity of this decision. Note that this decision affects all public access, including cyclists, pedestrians, and organized visits to NRC as well.”

- Dr. James Di Francesco, DAO Director
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