Observatory Hill - Construction Follow-Up

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Observatory Hill - Construction Follow-Up

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We received the following (paraphrased) messages from the folks atop Observatory Hill.

From D. Moffatt:
I'm with the Friends of the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory and I've been asked to pass on this short message to your members from the director of the Herzberg Institute of Asrophysics, James Di Francesco. The lights there seem to take forever and it is causing problems for motorists and cyclists alike — driving some crazy! Cyclists are not being singled out. There is some roadwork going on and we apologize for the inconvenience.
From Dr. Di Francesco:
I have to ask that all cyclists please obey the lights while on Observatory Road, even if it seems ridiculous to wait when no traffic seems to be going either way. Given that visibility around the corner is poor at either light, you can’t assume someone is not coming along in the opposite direction.

Also, cyclists should not stop and investigate the area being worked on by the construction crew as that section of the road cannot be considered safe. If they intend to go further up the hill, they should pedal right through the one-lane construction zone.

Also, if there is traffic waiting at a light, I would ask that cyclists please not move in front of waiting cars because then the cars have to slowly follow the cyclists to the other end of the one-lane construction zone. Going behind the cyclists adds a lot more tension to driving up the hill.

Finally, please pass on my apologies that this work will be going on through January it seems. The heavy rains last fall damaged the road and it needs a good deal of work to be brought back up to a state all of us can use going forward.

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