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Meet your Tripleshot Board Candidates

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Hi everyone,
Below, and in alphabetical order, are the submissions from each of the six members who have put their names forward for "at large" positions on the Tripleshot board. Please note that each name also has a number. We will ask you to vote by number if you are attending the meeting by Zoom, so please choose four candidates and know their numbers.

Voting will happen over Zoom and in person at the AGM next Wednesday September 28 at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre in the Sports Lounge.

Tripleshot Board Candidates
Biographies and Commitments to the club

Candidate #1 - Ryan Clarke
Hi I’m Ryan Clarke, but you may also know me as Tubbs McGee on the baby blue Trek.

I came to Victoria in 1997 and since then I’ve been a slow XC runner, an even slower triathlete and, as the years go by, an increasingly slower cyclist.

Since committing fully to two wheels more than 20 years ago, I’ve raced fixies at Juan de Fuca velodrome, mountain bikes at Hartland Dump, cyclocross in vacant school yards and, most dear to my heart, crits, road races and Fondos on my trusty steed, Cool Whip.

I started coming to Tripleshot rides about 10 years ago, back when cycling was still a relatively fringe sport and few organized groups existed. At the time I was a founding member of the Pro City racing team, and we looked to Tripleshot as an exemplary model that supported all those who wished to ride, be they a seasoned racer or someone getting acclimated to clipless pedals.

Off the bike, I’m a communications and HR professional with the BC Public Service. I focus on establishing trust, fostering teamwork, and using open, authentic communications with our staff. Much of what I do at work mirrors the same values and collaborative spirit that governs the Tripleshot community, and I’m excited at the opportunity to help where I can.

How can you best contribute to the TS Board?
I bring over 20 years of team racing that has helped me build a strong reputation as someone who is dependable, supportive, and encouraging to all.

With my background in communications and HR, I have 15 years of experience working closely with staff and stakeholders to find common ground and build trust.

I hope to bring these skills to the Tripleshot board.

Candidate #2 Ron Mierau
In my work career I was 36 years in the Royal Canadian Navy. I served as part of the Command team of a Supply ship during the Gulf War. My duties included being a leader, mentor and disciplinarian for 265 personnel on the ship away at sea for 10 months as The Coxswain.

I served on various boards: swim director for Subaru Triathlon Series Races; organized and directed the running club at CFB Esquimalt; Race director for two Navy 10k running races; and senior Naval Chief’s advisory committee

I work for Wounded Warriors Canada being a cycling mentor and support for military members suffering with PTSD and civilians/military riding in large cycling groups.

For over 6 years I have worked for Magic Places Cycling Adventures as a senior guide. I lead tours/support races in Europe and Canada, repairing bikes and all aspects of a tour.

I am also involved in the Soldier On program who help the ill and injured military members in Ottawa and Victoria.

How can you best contribute to the Tripleshot board?
I have been with Tripleshot for six years, riding many levels both gravel and road. I always keep a positive attitude on all rides and love to promote our club. I have volunteered for many social, kit pickup and races for the club.

My life experiences, positive nature and listening skills are my strengths. I have been cycling all my life and I love teaching and my passion of cycling with others. I envision getting more involved in the club using my skillset where needed. My calm nature, communication and people skills would be an asset to the club.

Candidate #3 Andrew Neale
I have been a Tripleshot member since 2014, and a member of the Tripleshot Board for the past 3 years. I am a semi-retired photogrammetrist with a background in geology, and I have been an active cyclist for 61 years. I grew up in Ontario, but have lived in BC most of my life. I have been fortunate enough to have studied in Europe, travelled throughout the province for work, and feel lucky to call Victoria home. My Tripleshot experience began when I was invited to a Sunday ride by Eric Simonson, and I have been attending rides ever since. For nearly a decade, I have enjoyed riding early in all weather, sharing experiences on the road and trail, and socializing with some fascinating people at coffee. My time with Tripleshot has also allowed me to do some racing, coaching and volunteering and given me perspective on what a cycling club can be.

How can you best contribute to the Tripleshot board?
As we all know, early morning Tripleshot are challenging, energizing, inspiring but most of all fun. As a member of the board, or as a volunteer, I would like to concentrate my energies on helping to maintain the values and culture of the club; Tripleshot has always been a safe, welcoming and encouraging place to be. Through clinics, coaching sessions, improved communications, and perhaps a new "guide", I believe we can ensure that new riders feel they belong from their very first ride, and help us grow in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Candidate #4 - Sam Sharma
• At the age of 19, I emigrated from India in 2014 to pursue post-secondary education. I googled “the warmest place in Canada” which brought me to the city of Victoria in Beautiful British Columbia.
• My car got stolen in 2018 and to get around I started to commute on a bike and that is the best thing ever happened to me. Now, I enjoy Road/CX/Gravel riding.
• Since 2019, I have been a part of fundraising rides for BC Ride to Conquer Cancer, Cycle of Life Tour (Hospice), Wounded Warriors of Canada (Ride for Mental Health), BC Law Enforcement Memorial Ride (Ride to Remember for Fallen Heroes).
• I have been a proud member of Tripleshot since January 2022 and with the support from fellow riders of this club, I have had the pleasure of planning, mapping and leading some of the CX Mild/Medium rides. The social aspect of coffee after the ride gave me the opportunity for making life long connections with the members.

How can you best contribute to the Tripleshot board?
• Interpersonal communication skills, problem solving, success strategies followed with a Diploma in Arts and Science (Psychology).
• Sole purpose of selfless serving and ensuring safety demonstrated by my current role as a Special Constable for Saanich Police Department.
• Volunteered at Tour De Victoria (2019, 2021, 2022)

Candidate #5 - Eryn Sylvester
I’m Eryn, a 28-year-old woman who got into cycling when COVID hit and the swimming pools shut. Two years later, I based our home purchase on its distance to Oak Bay High. Today, I enjoy the feeling of desperately hanging on to CX Mild and Tuesday/Friday A2 road. Before I joined the corporate world, I worked as a Political Organizer where I led a national team of 10,000+ volunteers, developed Electoral District Associations (local political boards), and managed high-profile campaigns. I have experience with organizing large public events, media relations, and fundraising (ask me about the time I raised $35,000 in under 20 minutes!). I have been a member of the City of Victoria Youth Council, Ground Search and Rescue teams, organized charity events, and helped manage local/international swim meets.

How can you best contribute to the Tripleshot board?
I believe that Tripleshot happens at coffee. I would like to incorporate that spirit into more community building events such as internal social activities as well as external community events. As a board member, I would encourage giving back to our community while promoting the face of Tripleshot, as well as maintaining our existing safety standards. Aside from my organizing skills, I will bring creative ideas to items such as membership communication (Spond, website, etc.), promoting opportunities for racing, and more. I am eager to learn from existing board members of past/emerging ideas, as well as listening to the needs of the membership at large.

Candidate #6 - Claire Townsend
I joined Tripleshot in 2016 when a running injury nudged me back to my cycling roots. I immediately loved the early-morning workouts and the opportunities to connect with other people who thought riding bikes every day wasn’t weird. My original focus was on mountain biking (I was a pro-ish xc racer in the late 90s and early 00s), but I have been mostly non-competitive as a Tripleshotter, finding plenty of challenge in the weekly club rides.
I’m a Victoria local with a great fondness for the countless cycling options at our doorsteps. I love finding creative ways around our trails, hills and roads, and gravitate toward the “faster” club rides (most often CX_4 and A2). Tripleshot is an incredibly diverse collective of bike-riding people who I’d be honoured to represent as a board member.
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How can you best contribute to the Tripleshot board?
I would happily bring to the board my experience as a seven-year club member, my intimate knowledge of our city and its cycling culture, my appreciation for all cycling disciplines and my open mind and critical (yet sensible) outlook. I’d make sure there are options for those members (male and female) who love a tough workout. And I’d inject my sense for order, sound judgment and communication skills to the club’s interactions with its members and the community at large.
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