5 Years of TSCX - Route of Champions

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5 Years of TSCX - Route of Champions

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About five years ago this week, Tripleshot started offering early morning trail rides all year-round. A ride this Sunday will mark the occasion.

Leading up to the first Tripleshot CrossFondo in 2016, Geoff Wong first took us off-road at 6 a.m. and showed the club how much fun bombing around urban neighbourhoods, back-alleys, and city parks in the early hours could be. But like most normal cycling clubs, we all returned to the road once the CX season was over. The next year, in 2017, we again headed into the woods as summer came to an end — and some of us never looked back. With only a few exceptions (the odd 2-week road season, pandemics etc.), Tripleshot has been riding trails in the early mornings nearly every week since. In recent years, our gravel program has been a huge driver of the club's growth, attracting awesome people who otherwise may never have found a home among the roadies.

To commemorate 5 years of year-round trail-riding, the club offers a mildly insane route this Sunday that will start at Oak Bay High at 0600 and over 93 mixed surface kilometers visit streets and landmarks with names evocative of some of those Tripleshotters who helped create, grow, and sustain our TSCX trail-riding program.

Route map (with name annotations).
Route map (without annotations).

Names included are regulars I could remember from our early years in addition to anyone who had done 10 or more trail rides this year. If you can't find your name, it may also be because I just couldn't find a street or landmark that worked (ahem, Kenji!) Some of the markers may also require a little 'splainin'. Finally, if you're looking for your name and can't find it, I'd say the fact you're looking for it means you care, you're invested in our rides, and Tripleshot is grateful for your support! (And I hope you'll accept my sheepish apology.)

See the Spond event for a few more ride details.

Thanks so much to ALL our champions! Here's to the next 5 years!

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