Jordie Lunn Park volunteers needed

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Jordie Lunn Park volunteers needed

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A message from the folks building the new bike park:

The Jordie Lunn Bike Park is coming along at a rapid pace. We're beyond excited with the progress already made, and are hoping to have it ready to ride by fall 2020.

Construction of the park is moving into a phase where volunteer participation will be key. The Wheelhouse organization is working with the City of Langford to establish a volunteer work party schedule, and we're hoping that the Tripleshot Cycling Club will be able to mobilize some folks to help!

Volunteer activities include:
Wetting down & packing new cyclocross/ beginner MTB track
Rock picking and removal on banks
Grading of banks
Spreading soil by wheelbarrow onto berms to fill in gaps
Invasive species removal
Planting vegetation during the fall season
The schedule is still to be finalized, but will likely have one weekend day, and two week-day slots.

We're hoping for about 8-10 people per day.

Do you think you'd be able to send a heads-up to your organizations' members to elicit some interest, and perhaps generate a list of names of those wanting to contribute? You can either email names to this address or have people sign up on our website here:

We will reach out shortly with a more specific request to fill weekly volunteer slots.

Thanks so much.

Jordie Lunn Bike Park
c/o The Wheelhouse Cycling Society
615 Linden Ave.
Victoria BC
V8V 4G6
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Re: Jordie Lunn Park volunteers needed

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From the Jordie Lunn Park folks:

Good evening all!

Well have we got a fun volunteer opportunity for you.

This Friday we are looking for 5 volunteers to help with finalizing the cyclocross track being built at Jordie Lunn Bike Park!

When: Friday, 21st August @ 9:00 AM - NOON
What: 5 volunteers to rake, water and help pack down freshly built trail
Where: Jordie Lunn Bike Park

If you can spare any time at all please email to volunteer.

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