Friday 7 Feb

Mostly nonsense. Also riding bicycles inappropriate for off road terrain, off road; GIFs

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Greg F
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Friday 7 Feb

Post by Greg F »

I plan on being at Oak Bay on my cross bike. After that, I might just go directly to coffee for a nap.

But if there are others, I may ride, daintily, thru the mud.
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Re: Friday 7 Feb

Post by Dolly »

I am a dainty rider, I think... until I crash and swear. But let’s keep that bit quiet.
I will join you Greg!
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Re: Friday 7 Feb

Post by myboys »

I will also join you.

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Re: Friday 7 Feb

Post by schouten »

See you there!
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Re: Friday 7 Feb

Post by Alan »

also in. With the crashes these days I'm hoping there'll be no hospitals involved...

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Re: Friday 7 Feb

Post by mandreassen »

See ya'll in 30 minutes!
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Re: Friday 7 Feb

Post by Rolf »

I’ve opted for a nice, chunky coronavirus-wannabe instead of tip-toeing through the mud. :mrgreen:

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Re: Friday 7 Feb

Post by JTyre »

Sorry Greg, can’t make it, two more weeks in gif rehab:

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