Friday CX

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AJ Neale
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Friday CX

Post by AJ Neale »

Any other CXers interested in a rainy ride? I'll be in the parking lot at 6:00 am. Not a bloody clue where I'll go, but you are welcome to join.

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Re: Friday CX

Post by Dolly »

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Re: Friday CX

Post by Thomasmeg »

Setting my alarm...
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Re: Friday CX

Post by schouten »

At this point I'm playing non-commital with the pending monsoon...
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Re: Friday CX

Post by LouiseF »

We are hopeful but non-committal as well. I'm under the weather and not being in bed yet is not boding well for recovery and G is fixing his brake. Nothing like waiting til the last minute.

Hope to see you guys.
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Re: Friday CX

Post by JTyre »

I'm taking advantage of the fam being away and working late, Andrew. Route-wise, my suggestion is to start north and then go south, jogging occasionally from east to west. You're welcome, no charge.
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