Who Are We?

Looking for a supportive early morning group ride followed by coffee? You’ve come to the right place.

Tripleshot is a group of dedicated, fun loving cyclists ranging in age from around 10 to around 80. While most of us are purely recreational riders, some members race and some compete at the provincial, national, or even international level.

Most are here to do road riding, though many members ride gravel, cyclocross, track, or mountain bikes in addition to road.  Most of our rides are in the morning, to accommodate family demands and to ride when traffic is at a minimum. Most rides end with coffee, which is optional but strongly encouraged. Coffee is the glue that holds us together, both as a cycling club and a social club.

Our unofficial motto is, “The most important person on the ride is everyone else.”  If your riding tends to be all about you, we might not be the best place for you.  If you want to support other riders and have them support you, give us a try.

We have A, B and C road rides. A rides are fast and will drop slower riders. B rides (B1-B3) are each a bit slower and regroup after hills and sprints; B rides are all no-drop rides. The C ride is slower yet (also no drop), and is a good place to get comfortable with group riding if you haven’t done it before.

We also offer gravel/trail rides four mornings a week. CX_1 is for those new to riding off-road and often includes some skills training. CX_2 to CX_4 offer progressively increasing speed and technical terrain.

Tripleshot believes in giving back to the community that provides us such a great place to ride. We lead training rides for Soldier On athletes during their Spring training camp in Victoria.  We provide ride leaders for events like the Ambriss Clermont Memorial Ride for Victoria Hospice.  We hold an annual Backpack Ride to raise food and monetary donations for the Mustard Seed. We also host or marshall local bike races, including four Victoria Cycling League races at Western Speedway and the annual Dallas Road Time Trial. And we hold an annual Women’s Clinic which runs for 6 weeks starting in April, to introduce women to group riding. Individual members perform various acts of charity related to cycling, including volunteering for Cycling Without Age, providing free bike repair services at a monthly clinic at Our Place, and helping out at UVic’s SPOKES program.

If you’d like to join us, come on out and see what it’s all about. Sign a waiver for two free test rides here (click “Join Tripleshot Cycling” and select the free test ride option).  Introduce yourself on the forum and/or in the parking lot when you come out for the first time. If you enjoy the rides, club membership is $30 (Jan-Dec) + Cycling BC insurance, and jerseys/kit are ordered two times a year. If you stay for coffee, we take turns buying a round.

We also have a junior racing team for youth 9-18 whose members sometimes take part in some of our regular rides, but mostly meet in  separate afternoon training sessions. There is a dedicated coach, Lister Farrar, plus an assisting team of youth coaches.  The Youth Team is supported by the club, the BC Gaming Commission, and sponsors. If you are joining the junior race team, there is an additional monthly fee for coaching, which is offered 4-7 days a week year round.

You must wear a helmet when participating in any of our rides. For our road rides, you must ride a drop-bar road bike in safe condition. If the roads are wet, fenders with crap flaps (almost touching the ground in back) are mandatory, in order to protect yourself and other riders. On gravel/trail rides only, you may ride any safe bicycle (gravel/CX/MTB) and fenders are optional. If it’s dark at any point in a ride (including on the way to or from the ride), lights are required: white on the front, solid red on the back.  No flashing lights please.  Bring a spare tube, tire levers, and a means of inflation for when the inevitable eventually occurs.

See you bright and early.